3 Keys to a longer life

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe with InnerSential!

If only we could all know how to be the healthiest, happiest, and most accomplished versions of ourselves, wouldn’t that be amazing? People have been trying for hundreds and hundreds of years to discover the key to living a long life. What is exactly the key to living a long and happy life?

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Do not put down that book

Reading books is associated with a longer lifespan. Investing just 30 minutes a day with a good book will add years to your life. Books stimulate the reader’s mind more because books are engaging, and they require higher levels of concentration for the reader to use their imagination.

The Longevity Diet

Eating the right foods can lead to a longer and healthier life. It is an integral part of living a balanced lifestyle. Your diet, paired with physical activity, will help you attain and maintain a healthier weight and lessen your risk of chronic diseases.

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Women with Strength

Rigorous exercises are never a struggle with Innersejuk’s top-to-toe workout essentials. Start from the top with the Adore Chin 3.0 sports hijab and pair it with the Active Legging.

Wear your Mask!

Thanks to COVID-19, we have undergone an extraordinary change in our way of life over the past few months. We have reluctantly let go of our old normal before we know it and are now transitioning into what appears to be our new normal.

Due to the pandemic, face masks have now turned into an essential part of our daily life. So if you are heading out, never forget your facemask and if you are looking for a facemask that compliments your outfit, our face mask collection has you covered! Our Earthy Worthy Ombre represents the vibrancy and boldness our wondrous nature possess by harmoniously blending one colour tone to another. It comes in six gorgeous colour gradients to complement your beautiful outfit. 

Check out our DriChill® fabric products

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