You need to stay in maximum comfort while doing sports. Most of the hijabis are still contemplating on how to choose the most suitable sports hijab. They will randomly slip-on any kind of hijabs without taking into consideration the effect of wearing it in the long run. They are unaware of the importance of selecting the right sports hijab in ensuring maximum comfort throughout the activities.


TIPS # 1 Made from a good thermal-regulation material

Do you know that human hair is a very good heat insulator? This means that one of its functions is to trap heat on the head. As for that, we believe that the best factor for a hijabi to choose their sports hijab is a fabric designed with thermal-regulation technology that helps for greater cooling because your body will produce more heat while working out. The right way for you to choose a good, comfortable sports hijab is by ensuring that the material is scientifically proven to release about 60% of heat from the head.

TIPS # 2 High-quality sweat-wicking material

A hijabi needs to choose a sports hijab that can dry quickly and wicks moisture faster. Most of the hijabis choose normal daily hijab because they are unaware of the needs of a sweat-wicking fabric for sports use. Unfortunately, since the normal fabric has no sweat-wicking features, it will get completely saturated with sweat and then takes forever to dry. Thus, it is very important to choose a sports hijab which has sweat-wicking features so that there is no sweat and moisture get trapped underneath the hijab during your activities, which eventually can cause smelly hair, itchiness, dandruff and even worst, an infection.


TIPS # 3 Antibacterial feature

If you use a normal daily hijab for your workout session, you are highly risking to get bacterial infections. This is because most bacteria and microbes grow in hot and humid environment. When you sweat, the fabric of this daily hijab will become damp and take a longer time to dry. Added to that, this type of fabric is also a good heat insulator making it a great place for bacteria to grow which contributes to skin irritation and infections. An anti-bacterial fabric that has been tested and certified through a high-technical process and can reduce the risk of getting the disease. This process helps to deactivate the growth of these bacterias.