5 Reasons to invest in a Sports Hijab

1. Your hijab should stay on your head—all day

Sports require you to move. A lot. The last thing that you want is your hijab blowing all over your face when a rogue wind decides to greet you or having to adjust your hijab again and again whenever you take a few steps during a jog, adding more stress to your already stressful routine. Our Drichill® hijab, however, is designed to be firm and it fits nicely on your head, enabling free head movements and eliminating the troubles from that you would get in a normal hijab.

2. A hijab that keeps your head cool at all times

Don’t you sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by the heat that is entrapped in your hijab as you go about your activities? It makes your head feel like it’s in an oven. It’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? I know how it feels. The unique fabric of Drichill® helps ventilate the heat that is trapped in your head, allowing you to have a cool, breezy exercise.

3. Stops uncomfortable moisture building up in your hijab

When you are in your zone, pushing it to the limits and going full ‘Rocky Balboa’ mode, you tend to build up a good amount of moisture in your head from all the sweating. It’s usually a good thing because it shows the fruit of your labour. The bad thing is that you can feel your hijab turning soggy; like wrapping a wet towel around your head and putting you in a state of discomfort. Drichill® hijabs can keep the sweat or moisture away, allowing you to stay comfortable in longer periods.

4. You need your head to be as light as a feather

Some materials for hijabs can be quite thick that it weighs you down. It wouldn’t be a problem if it helps improve your neck muscles, but the only gains you’ll be gaining is a creak in your neck. Drichill® hijabs are super lightweight to ensure that you can get the best gains out of your exercises.

5. You want to stay fresh during your workouts

Let’s be honest, we absolutely stink after an intense workout. This is due to odour-causing bacteria building up in your clothes as you sweat. Not to forget the potential formation of molds and mildew in your clothes too. Yuck! Drichill® fabric has antimicrobial properties. Confused? Don’t worry, it’s just a fancy word to describe that our Drichill® hijabs inhibits bacterial growth and keeps your body fresh longer, allowing you to comfortably do your work outs.

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