A Ticket to Your Mother’s Heart

From the moment your first infant cries echoed the hospital halls, with you wrapped around your mother’s reassuring arms and her eyes beaming in happiness as she gazed at you for hours, her devotion to the most beautiful creation she ever laid eyes upon kindled with an undying flame—fueled by pure, never-ending love.

Even today, this strong emotion is sub-consciously expressed by mothers in a way that even other people can see or feel, such as from something as simple as wearing matching outfits. Though people think it’s just something cute that mothers like to do with their children, but beyond that action lies a more powerful message than many of us have been led to believe.

As we develop our own sense of personal style, it’s only natural that we discard this cringey, identical parent-child outfit trend. But is it really cringey? Maybe. Personally, I think it is the sweetest thing ever, especially when young adult girls do this for their moms. As mothers grow older, they feel as if they have nothing else to offer. This is entirely not true, because of all the people that deserve to feel needed, it’s our mothers, and they should always feel welcome in our lives.
What other way to show your affection to your mother other than a trip back to nostalgia lane? Reverse the role of the twinning outfit trend and get a one-way ticket to her heart via Innersejuk express because:

It emphasizes an unshattered mother-daughter bond

When you wear identical outfits with your mother, it clearly illustrates a strong mother-daughter relationship.

The spirit of youth never dies

Just as much as teenagers crave for adult life (be careful what you wish for, kids!), mothers tend to look back on their youthful days. Give them a reason to look and dress young. Our Santai Series athleisure collection is perfect for you, and especially your mother, as our stylish design subtly shouts youthfulness. You can check them out here.

They deserve your love

Of all the people that deserve your love, give it back to the person who has made countless sacrifices so that you could have a better life. Making mothers feel special is the best remedy to show that those sacrifices were worth it.

Innersejuk has a variety of matching hijabs, sportswear, athleisure and face masks perfect for mothers and daughters. They are made with DriChill® Technology, a superior fabric with amazing properties. After all, mothers deserve the best of the best.

Check out our Santai Series

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