Best Type of Outfit to Wear for Pamper Sessions

If there is one thing that life has taught me, it is to have a heck of a good time for better health and mood improvement. Life is too short to be stressful, which is why you need some good ol’ pamper sessions every so often. But what you wear can make or break the relaxation for those sessions. Making some outfit preparation is important for you to enjoy self-pampering to its full extent.

For Spa

Though most spa supply robes for the customers, for those who want to maintain a degree of modesty, there is no shame in wearing clothes underneath. The ideal outfit to wear at a spa are loose-fitting clothes because it’s easier to slip on and off. Depending on the treatment and package you purchased such as a body massage, the masseur will only massage part of your body that needs to be worked on. They can accommodate to any level of clothing you desire, so you can undress at your own level of comfort. There will be residual oil on your skin after the treatment. It can be transferred to your clothes if you’re wearing tight outfits which will make you feel uncomfortable.

The Santai Series top with pockets and tapered pants would be your best choice as it provides a comfortable loose fit for your spa indulgence.

For pedicures

Underneath that welcoming smile, your pedicurist is internally screaming if they see you wear skinny jeans—they are hard to work around with and it limits the servicing you’re supposed to receive. If you plan on getting the full experience of pedicures that are worth your every penny, go for pants that are looser around the calf area so that it’s easier to roll or pull up.

The wide-leg palazzo pants from our Santai Series collection gives the extra leg room that are perfect for pedicures. Easy to roll, difficult to crease!

For sound bath

Sound healing therapy requires you to lie still for a period of time that puts you into a sleep-like trance, but still fully aware of your surroundings. Despite its name, you don’t actually have to wear a swimsuit as this meditation does not involve any water. It’s just you bathing in sounds. The actual bathing suit that you need for this therapy is an outfit that is breathable and does not restrict your movements. This sort of outfit will take your relaxation a step further.
Take your relaxation a step further by wearing our breathable, non-restricting high-low top!

For splurging

If you have the extra budget, shopping and treating yourself to something nice is always the best way to pamper yourself—buying yourself some flowers, scented candles, a new handbag or eating at a fine-dining restaurant. Put on some stylish clothes that you’re most comfortable in and indulge yourself with what the modern world has to offer.
The fabulous Santai Series dress is comfortably chic and stylish to go with your shopping spree!

Searching for the best outfit for your self-pampering session?

Look no further, the Santai Series by Innersejuk has everything you need! Spa, pedicures, sound bath, shopping and all the other good stuff, our athleisure is fit for every occasion because it is designed to make you feel relaxed and carefree.

They are also made with the smart and breathable DriChill® fabric that is antimicrobial, providing the perfect fit and keeps you Cooler than Cool™ at all times. Sizes are available from XS to XXXL. Get them today!

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