Embracing the ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ Spirit

How Innersejuk has contributed to society with its products.

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The spirit of ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ is in all of us, whether we realise it or not. ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ is the motivation to churn ideas and initiatives for the benefit of other people’s well-being. Airaz Technologies and Innersejuk have indirectly embraced that principle within the creation of their products and innovative technology. Read on to find how the brand came to create DriChill® Technology and the non-medical fabric face masks.

The Birth of DriChill® Technology

Innersejuk was officially launched in 2015 and its introduction to the market went hand in hand with Airaz Technologies’ revelation of the exclusive and innovative, DriChill® Technology. The special fabric was formulated and fully tested by STRIDE®, Universiti Teknologi MARA, and SIRIM QAS International. The inspiration behind DriChill® Technology spawned from Airaz Technologies founders’ empathy towards women wearing hijab living in hot and humid conditions.

From there, they thought it would be great if this technology is used to produce items to help women wearing the hijab feel comfortable for a long time. The fabric that they wanted to create should absorb sweat, dry easily, and cool by direct and durable heat dissipation. It took two years of research and through Airaz Technologies Sdn Bhd finally launched Innersejuk and registered this brand as the company’s exclusive property.

Today, the DriChill® fabric is used in all of Innersejuk’s products from its inner scarves to multi-purpose leggings. While the initial idea was to provide complete comfort for women wearing the hijab, Innersejuk has also found a fan base among non-Muslims too.

The Introduction of Non-Medical Fabric Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic placed everyone into uncertainty in 2020. But one thing for sure, people needed to be protected from the virus. As business owners of an innovative fabric like DriChill®, the founders of Innersejuk decided that they could be part of the solution by introducing non-medical fabric face masks. They decided to meet the demands of public health concerns with the introduction of the brand’s first non-medical fabric face mask, which is made using the innovative DRICHILL® fabric.

After a few months of production, Innersejuk’s mask range has been improvised with the creation of its latest pocket filter fabric face mask. Mask designs constantly change to meet market demand. With the pandemic still ongoing, the brand’s non-medical fabric face masks will not only help keep users safer, and the environment cleaner from disposable masks.

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