One Outfit for Three Different Workout

Multi-purpose sports clothing for your exercise regiment.

Innersejuk’s collection of workout clothes is perfect for anyone who enjoys more than one exercise regiment. You won’t have to buy different types of clothing to swim, dance, or stretch during yoga. The lightness and the durability of the Drichill® fabric make it flexible for various types of workouts. All you need is a pair of Innersejuk’s Active Leggings, Airflow Bodywear, and if you are a hijabi, add the Adore 3.0 into the mix and then you’re raring to go.


Sweating profusely is expected when you go for yoga classes. While t-shirts and tank tops are all great choices, materials like cotton tend to absorb moisture, which may weigh you down. Get the most from your workout with clothes with the perfect fit and wicks away sweat to keep you feeling cooler than cool.


The key to the most effective Zumba workout is to wear the right sneakers, this includes cross-trainers, dance sneakers or even running shoes with a worn-out tread. Comfortable fitness attire that's easy to move in and can handle sweat is also essential. Innersejuk items make it easier to do nail side-to-side movements and pivots.


You don’t have to spend unnecessarily on a pair of ‘burkini’ to be modest while swimming. Just add a sports bra or a bikini top into the mix to complete your outfit. Innersejuk’s Active leggings, Airflow Bodywear, and Adore 3.0 are lightweight enough for watersport activities and it won’t weigh you down at all.

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