Reasons Why Women Need Functional Pockets

...because, it’s about time!

Women’s pockets are ridiculously small, almost half the size of men’s pockets. You can barely fit your hands inside, let alone other basic necessities. It’s outrageous! Don’t they know that women need deep pockets to stash their essentials just as men do?

Ladies, the time for change is now. Let us voice out and make the fashion industry realize how important functional pockets are for you, so we can put an end to this one-sided stereotype. Allow me to give you the reasons:

1) Adiós, Handbags.

If men can go shopping without handbags, so can you. How many luxury bags do you need, anyway? Save your money, ladies!

2) Pockets = Less rummaging

“Hold on, let me grab my keys from my bag. Hmm, where is it? Nope, that’s my make-up. Wait… how did this get here? Oh sweet, forgot that I had these coupons! Come on, come on-- Aha, found it!”
Please. Just stop.

3) Disappoint your local snatch-thief

The reason why there is an unfriendly neighbourhood Snatcher-Man is because women tend to stash all their valuables in their handbags, which makes YOU a perfect target. Keep your valuables on yourself and imagine the disappointment on their faces.

4) Pockets give easier access

Easy access to phones, purses and pepper spray. Emergency calls, payments and protection are just one-slide-to-the-pocket away. That split-second accessibility can make a huge difference.

5) Keep your hands warm

Cold day? Or maybe your colleague at work likes to turn up the aircon on full blast? Just dig deep inside those pockets to get warm and cozy.

6) Gender Equality

Historically, women don’t have pockets because it ruins the silhouette of their body. This argument is continued to this day. I mean, it’s already 2020. Are we really going to reinforce this stereotype and worry more about looks than needs?

Are you convinced?

If you are, check out the stylish Santai Series by Innersejuk! Our tops, bottoms and dress have deep, functional pockets for you to store your essentials. All of our collections are made with DriChill® fabric that makes you stay Cooler than Cool™ throughout the day, provides the perfect fit and keeps you clean for longer periods due to its antimicrobial properties! Sizes are available from XS to XXXL.

Grab one today!

Check out Our Santai Collections

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