Santai Sana, Sini With Dr. Maizatul Farah

The Santai Series is specially made for women who are seeking real comfort and style that fit their daily lives. To bring this collection to life, six amazing women who work in the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic were chosen to lead our Santai Sana, Sini campaign.
Introducing our third front-liner, Maizatul Farah, an emergency doctor in Park City Medical Centre tells a tale of her responsibilities, challenges and her interpretation of a good santai.

Tell us your daily responsibilities as a doctor.
“Working in the emergency department, I see literally everything and anything. Even though it’s not an emergency, I still tend to my patients but higher priority will be given to those with chest pain, accidents, seizures and other severe injuries.

What are the challenges faced during the pandemic?
“The challenging part is having to suit up in a ‘tyvek’ suit. It requires the wearer to zip up everything from top to toe for protection. Once you wear it, you can’t take it off and it literally feels like being in an oven. I am always covered in sweat but we have to endure it because you never know whether the patients who come and go have covid, and that includes myself and my colleagues. This is for our own and our patient’s safety and this is by far the most challenging part of my profession.”

Did you ever feel burnt out in the last few months or has the pandemic drove the passion?
“Definitely. In my line of work, we work shifts. It can either be morning, afternoon or night shifts. As far as passion goes, I wouldn’t be in this field if I didn’t have the passion for it. If you give me green, yellow or red zone cases, I would take red zone cases anytime. Heart attack, CPR, bad accidents, blood, bones—that’s my thing.”
What is your idea or interpretation of Santai?

“A good place definitely. Probably by the beach with good food, music and a bunch of friends. If I’m on my own, I’d love to read a good book. So yeah, that’s my definition of Santai.”
What are you searching for in athleisure?

It has to be fitting and comfortable. I’m a little bit taller so finding a good fit for me would be a top priority. The material has to be good as well and the design has to make me look fashionable. Other than that, it has to be affordable because I don’t want to splurge unnecessarily to get something that is not worth it. And if possible, I’ll find materials that are more environment-friendly, because I like to try and save our earth as much as I can.

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