Santai Sana Sini with Mariatul Zairin

A Damansara local cuisine cafe owner 

The Santai Series is specially made for women who are seeking real comfort and style that fit their daily lives. To bring this collection to life, six amazing women who work in the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic were chosen to lead our Santai Sana, Sini campaign.

Mariatul Zairin, a local cafe owner shares with us on how being a cafe owner has allowed her to benefit the community, and how she rocks the Santai vibe.

On the joys of being a cafe owner

“My key daily task is to ensure that everything is in order for the cafe’s operations. This includes setting up the cafe, ensuring the staff’s attendance and of course, the food! This goes on up until evening-time. I enjoy knowing that I have made my patrons happy with the cuisine that we have here at Kerisik Cafe—it really keeps me going.

However, being a cafe owner in the time of COVID-19 presents me with unique challenges. In order to keep my community of employees and customers safe, a lot of preventative measures are taken, as is the norm today.”

On sending help to the medical frontliners

“Catering for frontliners in the medical sector came about organically. Our closest friends and family wanted to make a meaningful contribution. They did that, and we prepared the food to be sent to hospitals that needed the support. Beyond food, we also contributed PPEs, masks and sanitisers. We are glad that we are in a place where we can help those in need.”

On the definition of santai

“Santai, to me, is chilling at home with my family doing nothing. Just being with them fills me up. The first thing I do once I reach home is watching Netflix. It is a marvelous way to unwind. However, during my free time, I love cooking and sharing the food with my family.”

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