The Mindfulness Manual: 7 Ways to Rock the Chill Life

Try it and see the difference!

Looking to make some meaningful changes in your life? Well you’re on the right page! Here are some positive directions to consider for your journey of self-renewal.

Hold Thoughts Lightly

In order to live a life that we are comfortable with, we first have to be in touch with our mental self. Instead of getting swept in the current that is our thoughts, choose to observe them and make conscious decisions.

Once you get the hang of this step, you will notice that we can actually reason with ourselves and realise that some things are just done on a whim. This helps us to be more objective in our day to day life.

Do One Thing at a Time

If you are a big believer of multitasking, this is going to come as a shock to you. By focusing on different things at once, we actually exhaust our attention faster. That’s why people who multitask on the daily tend to find themselves in a state of burnout.

Shift your goal to doing one task at a time, and feel the anxiety shed away by the minute!

Turn Everyday Tasks into Mindful Moments

Living in the present is truly the key to living your best life. Being aware, instead of going on autopilot really affects our outlook on life.

So stop rushing, and genuinely let yourself be absorbed in the moment. You will find that there are little things in life to be grateful for.

Be Comfortable

Being comfortable can apply to both situations: in your skin and in your clothes! Being comfortable in your skin does not mean that you think you are the most perfect being there is on the face of the earth, but it’s knowing that there are imperfections and loving yourself anyway for that. This may take you a while, but you will get there.

Now, being cozy in your clothes is something you can do in a snap! Just opt for items that don’t restrict your flow of movement—no matter the environment. And our athleisure are the perfect embodiment of that!

Nurture Both the Mind and the Body

The pace of life just keeps getting faster and faster—especially if you live in the city. So it is understandable that some of us succumb to quick solutions to keep going.

If you have the option to slow things down, use that privilege. Take the time to prepare yourself a hearty home-cooked meal. Your body will thank you for that.

We know it’s almost impossible to get any of us to put our phones down. So instead of going on a never-ending scroll of keeping up with the latest gossip, follow social media accounts that spark thoughtful conversations and exercise those brain muscles!

Try a Digital Detox

No, this doesn’t need to be a dramatic step. Keep track of the time you spend online and what type of content that you are consuming, because the content that we consume shapes who we are and our thoughts.

Quick tip: Go through the list of people you are following, and only keep the people that bring you joy. Consider this Marie Kondo, but for your social media!

Spend Time with Yourself

This may sound easy, but it could be the hardest goal to achieve. When was the last time that you truly spent some time with yourself? And no, it doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

Simply put, this can mean self-care and self-care requires one to pay attention to themselves. As much as it is essential for us to address our physical needs (such as skincare and food), the same goes for our mental needs. So have a quiet moment with yourself, and figure out what needs to be addressed.

Sometimes, the most important breakthroughs are the ones we arrive at by ourselves.  

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