Think Twice Before Buying These Hijab Materials

My dear hijabis, are you tired scarf-associated itches, headaches and annoying sweat trickling down your neck? I am sure most of you already know the reason behind these issues, but if you don’t, no worries because Captain Obvious here is about to reveal one of the problems—headscarf material!

Choosing the right fabric or material makes a huge difference in comfort, so keep in mind the material you are buying. Choose the wrong one and it will only add to your misery, which is why I have listed a few menacing hijab materials to make you more aware of the discomfort it brings.


A silk hijab is adored by many due to its beautifully soft and smooth textures. It adds a dash of luxury to your appearance, but sadly your head won’t be having a luxurious time. Silk is known to absorb moisture and sweat like a sponge that can irritate or stick to your skin, putting your head in a…sticky situation. Get it? Nevermind. If that’s not enough, once the silk develops an odour, it is difficult to remove it and require extra care when washing or it will break due to its delicate nature. It’s a tedious fabric that gives little reward.


If your head is constantly itching, then it is probably because you are wearing wool. Depending on the quality of the wool, this natural fiber can cause a lot of itchiness for people with sensitive or even normal skin. Wool fibers with shorter length or larger diameters can cause irritation when it comes to contact with the skin. Merino wool, however, has excellent fiber length and very small fiber diameter that are more comfortable and skin-friendly, making it a better alternative than the standard wool.


Put acrylic and wool side-by-side and you can hardly tell the difference. Considered as artificial wool, wearing this synthetic fabric can often be hot as it is made to prevent loss of heat, which is why this material is mainly used to make sweaters. Wearing acrylic hijabs in a warm weather will overheat your head like an oven. But if you decide to wear it anyway, don’t be surprised if that nicely tied hair bun underneath your hijab magically transforms into an actual bread.

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