Wear Your Innersejuk Face Mask the Right way

Dentists. Dentists everywhere. Oh wait… They’re just normal people with a face mask.

Is your facial mask missing some flavour? Like your own personal touch? No worries, Innersejuk face mask got you covered (no pun intended).

We have a variety of effortlessly stylish facial wears with filter pockets for extra protection and most importantly, to spice up your looks. Fits perfectly on any face shapes and it’s super easy to wear, with three simple steps:

3) Before you touch the filter, wash your hands. Make sure they are squeaky clean! Then, take a filter and gently slide it into the filter pocket.

2) By grabbing both ends, place the mask pocket-side in over your nose and chin. Position the mask to your comfort and seal off any air flow gaps by pressing the top and bottom ridges.

1) Use the fabric strips to tie a knot over the back of your head and the nape of your neck.

And you’re set! Check out our InnerSential face mask below.

Check out our Face Masks

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