What Outfit Colours Say About You

Colours are a powerful emotional cue—it is the first thing that people notice about us as it offers a preview that reflects our own personality. Although your closet may be filled with a range of colourful tees, blouses and other sorts of garments, there is always one colour that you’re most attracted to—a colour where you feel most confident in. That is the colour that describes your personality.

Which colour personality do you have?

The Mysterious Black

Black is a very argumentative colour. It portrays authority and power—of seriousness and reliability. And yet, it shows fragility and vulnerability. It sends out mixed messages depending on how you wear it. Take Agent Smith from The Matrix and a gothic chick as an example. Hence, the air of mystery revolving around this colour.

The Romantic Red

Red is the colour of love, passion and confidence—a favourite choice for a seductress. At the same time, psychologically, this colour symbolizes danger or warning. And thus gentlemen, if you see a woman dressed in red, it’s either she is the next best thing to ever happen to you or it’s a horrific trap. Just kidding.

The Mellow Yellow

Yellow is the colour of cheerfulness and laughter--usually indicates creativity, logic, femininity and excitement for those who wear it. But a really bright yellow can give a different effect that shows fear or cowardice, which is why I love calling my cat a “yellow-bellied furball’ because he is easily frightened.

The Lively Green

Green is the colour of life and nature. Wearing green portrays soft-heartedness, socially active, mindful about finance and probably someone environmentally-conscious who appreciates greeneries.

The Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay that was a bit cheap, but I couldn’t help myself. Grey is the colour of neutrality. It is neither dark or bright, but perfectly in-between. Just like the colour, you display a neutral persona in terms of beliefs and assumptions, but you prefer to remain invisible. It also symbolizes maturity and tranquility, which is why old people love to wear grey.

The Optimistic Blue

Blue represents peace, confidence and success. People who wear this colour are usually associated with being calm and poise. Wearing blue outfits for job interviews has a higher chance of employment as the colour displays that you are “in control”.

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