Why You Should Skip on Ill-fitting Clothes

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Why You Should Skip on Ill-fitting Clothes

Time to ditch those rigid bottoms and taut tops!

Athleisure, as the name implies, is a combination of sporty and leisure apparel that is suitable for workouts and hangouts. Therefore, try not to restrict yourself to only wearing athletic wears. Mix some of your active attires with cute leisurely ones like jeans, varsity, hoodies, cardigans or T-shirts for a more balanced look. Our Innersejuk sportswear is ideal to experiment with to get that perfect casual-athletic look.

1. Poor blood circulation

Wearing tight clothes impairs the blood circulation which translates to low blood pressure. Ever felt dizzy while standing up in your jeggings? If your answer is yes, then it is definitely time for a switch! This can also cause fainting spells, so to be on the safe side, opt for looser cuts, such as our bottoms from the Santai Series.

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Compliment your sportswear with accessories

Think of accessories and clothes as best friends, and best friends always stick together. If you want to mix sports with casuals, simplicity is key. Try not to go overboard with the accessories you put on. Keep it athletic, with a dash of your own style. You can upgrade your appearance with something as simple as wearing shades, a stylish cap or by tying a sweater around your waist. Try it with our Innersejuk sportswear. Our pieces are accessory-friendly!

2. Heartburn

Does this sound familiar? In case you are one of the lucky ones, heartburn is a burning sensation that stems from acid reflux, and that comes from unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. If you are on the lookout to keep any gastrointestinal torture at bay, perhaps it is time to take those high-waisted jeans off of heavy rotation.

3. Muscle pain

Though this doesn’t sound too threatening, it will still hamper the day’s mood. The very same compression that gives us the incredible shape and support is also compressing the nerves around the thighs, causing pain, tingling and numbness.

And when it comes to tops, it limits our breathing and might even possibly induce panic attacks. So slip into some of our athleisure and thank us later! 

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