Innersejuk since 2016, has been solely focusing on Muslim women from day one and we are considered as one of the pioneers for modest wear. Our aim is always about empowering women’s needs and preferences, as well as to provide solutions to their problems especially in finding suitable modest sports hijab. Our sports hijab is scientifically proven to provide maximum performance.
Nike unveiled Pro Hijab in December 2017, making headlines for being one of the first of its kind. We applaud major brands such as Nike catering towards Muslim female athletes. However, the main question is, does Nike understood the needs of the sports hijab?
We have listed down 7 reasons why we think Innersejuk is a better option than the Nike Pro Hijab.

1. It doesn’t slip forward easily

The problem that Nike Pro Hijab has is that it doesn't have an anchor at the back, so it is not secure enough for sports. It slips forward often, especially when it is being used for more dynamic activities, such as running and yoga. It causes the hijab to constantly slip out the front, and the wearer keeps on having to pull the Nike Pro Hijab back so their forehead would be uncovered. It is possible to reduce this slippage by wearing an underscarf, yet this would obviously reduce the hijab’s breathability.
Our collections such as Elegant comes with a neat grip at the back to keep you tidy all day long. This feature helps to fit your face perfectly without having to worry about the Innersejuk Hijab slipping forward. You can run, jump, or play hard in comfort with our collections because we specifically designed the sports hijab that is made of stretchable sports fabric and has the grip that is able to last longer and hold it in place even in more extreme activities.

2. It makes you look good

Nike Pro Hijab has a rigid opening for the face that will cut off around the cheeks and make them bulge out more, which most women hate. Those who have a small face might not have this issue, but those with a round, prominent cheek would feel as if their head appears like an ‘egg-head’.
Our sports hijab offers modern designs that helps to flatter your face and makes you look good. We have added a feature that caters to those that wants to hide their double chin such as DC Series, which makes your face looks slimmer and give the illusion of a longer rather than broader face, by covering your cheeks partially. Designed suitable for any face shape and fit for all sizes.

3.No seams that’ll look weird with the hijab

Unfortunately, many have complained about the seams on the head of the Nike Pro Hijab. The seams do not give any functionality towards the wearer. The initial purpose of the seams is to beautify the hijab, but regrettably, the purpose has gone wrong. It actually makes the wearer looks even weirder and unattractive.
We make sure that the seams on our sports hijab have a clean and neat finishing, giving a high-end touch to the garment. We do extensive research to expand our knowledge of the seam finishes to enhance the look of the sewn garment and making sure that our consumers feel comfortable and still look good during the workout.

4.It’s suitable for long and short hair

The Nike Pro Hijab provides only one design, and that is more suitable for short-haired women. It does provide space at the back of the head but without any grip, women with long hair will find it to the point of discomfort and troubled.
We provide different features of sports hijab to suit all types of women. The sports hijab that has space with an elastic grip at the back of the head is for women with long hair while the one that has less space is for those with short hair. So, you don’t have to worry if you have big hair bun because it still fits perfectly.

5. It wicks sweat from your neck too

The Nike Pro Hijab has a loose-fitting design around the neck which makes it unable to wick sweat away. This type of design allows sweat drips off intensively from the head to the neck that can cause annoyance to the wearer and make them feel unbearably uncomfortable.
For those who doesn't like sweat on their necks, we have some designs of our sports hijab with a comfortably nice contact around the neck area so that it is able to wick away sweat and make it dry faster. When we work out, we tend to sweat more. Thus, our goal is to ensure maximum comfort to you the wearer even when you are drenched in sweat. 

6. You have multiple options

Any woman deserves to be able to walk into an activewear store and find a selection of athletic hijabs in front of them, and to have many options according to their preferences. You should not feel restricted especially when it comes to sports attire. We provide those options to you. Our sports hijab collections offer a wide range of selections to cater to all types of hijabis and their preferences, such as Elegant, DC Series, Ninja Dazzle, Instant Hijab.
Nike Pro Hijab does not have this kind of goal in their mind. They produced one design that can cater only to specific types of people. There are no options given to the hijabis.

7. Better value for money

The only brand in Malaysia that has been tested and recognized by the Ministry of Defense Malaysia, STRIDE, Mara University of Technology and Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM). 




We at INNERSEJUK have invented the DRICHILL technology Fabric so you can stay comfortable, cool, and dry all day.

Hijabis are among the bravest and most courageous women in the world. They uphold the needs of their Faith and Religion despite having to face daily challenges.

Do you want to be more comfortable, cool and dry all day? We at INNERSEJUK have created a solution to your problem.

Introducing INNERSEJUK underscarves and hijab made using DRICHILL technology.

1. You will feel cooler

DRICHILL fabric has a thermal conductivity of 0.63, which means that it is able to remove 63% of heat. This is the real way your head can be more comfortable. It has been proven in the labs of by the Ministry of Defence Malaysia.

2. You will feel dryer

Our material is sweat-wicking and fast drying and can dry in less than 15 minutes.

3. Our material is anti-bacterial, non-toxic and non-cotton viscose

Less risk of infection through bacterial growth under your hijab, and it is safer for the environment.

4. 30 Days Free Trial

Your satisfaction means the world to us! If you're unhappy with the product, just return it with the original packaging within 30 days, unwashed unsoiled, and we will refund your money.