Product Care

To keep our products at their best condition, here are some tips! 

  • Wash in warm—not hot!—water.
  • Treat it like treasure: hand wash, or if you must, put your washing machine on its moderate setting. 
  • To maintain their vibrant colours, separate the darks and the lights. 
  • Use mild, liquid-type detergent.
  • The DriChill® fabric is a tough-cookie! Avoid using a softener as it traps sweat and delays bacterial diffusion. 
  • Drying is an absolute breeze. Throw it in the dryer, or dry it under the sun. 
  • NO BLEACHING. It will totally ruin the fabric. 
  • Ironing is unnecessary when it comes to our fabric. But if you insist, set your iron to its ‘nylon’ setting, or steam it lightly.