UAE: Do you wear the Hijab? : 4 things that can risk your health and the planet if you don't take proper action (Number 4 would shock most people!)

The Hijab has become more popular each day as more Muslim women make the choice to express their understanding of their faith. But we need to take some precautions as to ensure the journey is not only a rewarding experience for the soul, but also for the mind and body. Here are four things you need to be aware of while you're wearing the Hijab.

1. Poor temperature regulation on the Head

The keratin in human hair is a very good heat insulator. The head is designed to trap heat. But with the hijab the head is not able to regulate the temperature efficiently. Especially if you are wearing cotton underscarves. Although cotton is usually a cooling fabric, but it only has a Thermal Conductivity rating of 0.4, meaning it can only transfer 40% of heat on it.

A prolonged use over time can cause overheating, which may lead to Hijab Headaches, Nausea, or even Heat Stroke. Hijabis need to ensure their fabrics for hijabs can regulate heat efficiently.

2. Over sweating around the scalp

A covered head would sweat twice as much as an uncovered one. When the sweat and moisture is trapped underneath the hijab, it could cause itchiness, dandruff and hair fall.

A hijabi would need use quick drying and sweat wicking fabrics to ensure a healthier scalp.

3. Bacterial growth on the head

According to studies by the Wyss Institute and Harvard Medical School, hot and humid conditions are ideal for bacterial reproduction. Don't be surprised because the head is the best place for bacteria to spread and reproduce especially when your Hijab has no antibacterial properties.

Bacteria that spreads on moist cotton hijabs or underscarves are called Micro coccus. It can cause skin allergy attacks, as well as skin infections. It is worse if the bacteria causing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) invades your body system. This bacterium is difficult to treat because it can withstand most of the existing antibiotics.

We may feel that this is not going to happen to us, but we expose ourselves, our family and children to the risk of infection because without our knowledge the bacteria is spreading, especially when we wash and mix with our children's clothing.

 4. Cotton and Viscose is treated using dangerous chemicals

The commonly used material for scarves and underscarves in the market are made from cotton viscose. Viscose is a cheap alternative to silk. It is a material that is fragile. To make sure it can last, it is treated with chemicals that are usually harmful. These are:

i. Caustic soda - an ingredient in floor cleaners,

ii. Ammonia - an active ingredient in chemical fertilizers, long term exposure to small amounts of ammonia can cause damage to the skin and eyes

iii. Acetone - a solvent in paints, long-term exposure can cause damage to the skin and nerves

Iv. Sulfuric acid - an acid as well as a carcinogen, according to the US Center for Disease Control, long-term exposure to sulfuric acid can cause cancer

Did you know that most viscose fabric manufacturers are the leading cause of environmental pollution. The toxic substances they use are dumped into rivers and seas. According to The Dirty Fashion, environmental pollution caused by the manufacture of cotton viscose contributes to 63% of water pollution in Asia. Urska Trunks of the Changing Markets Foundation reports that environmental pollution is increasing year by year even though the plant is undergoing a certification process. 

Most cotton viscose veil wearers are unaware of this danger. They may feel that when washed, they are safe to use. But even after multiple wash, are we willing to take risks that harms us and our families? The problems caused by cotton viscose scarf are not immediately felt as they harm us and the environment in the long run. It is constantly underestimated and hidden from consumers in order to maximize profit.


Assalamualaikum all Hijabis

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