Are you an active hijabi? WATCH OUT! 3 Dangers if you don't wear a proper sports hijab during workout.

Most of the hijabis are beginning to realize the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle. However, the biggest mistake that these hijabis have made is when they just simply slip-on any hijab for their workout session. They are unaware of the dangers that await them because of their choices.

1. Overheating of the head

One of the functions of human hair is to insulate heat to optimize body temperature. During a long physical activity, the body produces large quantities of heat to increase energy. Also, exercising in hot weather can become another factor that produces more heat. However, for the hijabis, the heat is being insulated twice as much as it is because the head is covered with hijab. If you keep on using the poor temperature regulation hijab during the activities, it will cause overheating of the head which leads to heatstroke.

2. Excessive head sweating

If you are one of those who still choose to use a normal hijab for your workout session, you will experience a significant increase in temperature on the head that eventually resulting in excessive sweating. The normal daily hijab has no sweat-wicking properties which lead to problems such as extreme itchiness, hair loss, and dandruff that could occur as the sweat and moisture are trapped underneath the hijab. In the long run, it could also lead to serious fungal infections.

3. Bacterial growth

Did you know that your head can be an ideal place for bacterial growth in a hot and humid environment? If you still choose a normal hijab that has no antibacterial properties, you are at high risk for skin and bacterial infections. It is worse if the bacteria causing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) invades your body system. This bacterium is difficult to treat because it can withstand most of the existing antibiotics. Thus, you need to make sure that your sports hijab has been tested and certified with antibacterial properties because it will help to prevent bacterial growth from occurring even if you exercise for a long time.