Face Mask Styling: Daily Accessories To Go With

You and I could be, and are probably wearing the same type of face mask. But somehow, we still look different. How is this so? The answer lies in the small details—or should I say, the accessories we put on.

Accessories are components that add the sugar, spice and everything nice to your look that separates an individual’s style from another’s. Therefore, here are a few daily accessories that you can wear with your face mask to help spark that individuality to your outfit:


I tend to get a Clark Kent moment because my friends sometimes won’t recognize me when I’m not wearing my glasses. That’s the power of glasses. Like Superman, it creates another persona. Throw in some nice round glasses or sunglasses to spice things up. Just a friendly tip, you can also use the bottom rims to help secure your face mask and prevent fogging.


Ahoy there, matey! Bandanas are not only for pirates! Our fashion sense has evolved over the centuries. Nowadays, bandanas can be worn in multiple ways to give a more decorative look—typically around the neck, forehead or even act as a tie for your hair.


Though it is not recommended, you can add a personal touch to your reusable face mask by decorating it with some cool stickers. Nothing like a few cute stickers to bring out that chicness. Just ensure that your stickers are strategically placed as to not meddle with the mask’s main function.


Your gorgeous face is the first thing that someone sees, but since it’s covered with a mask, people can’t really see the full extent of your beauty. How do we compensate for this? With earrings! It’s the simplest way to make a statement with jewellery and it adds some flair to your look.


Functional and fashionable packed into one. From berets, fedoras to normal baseball caps, the list is endless. Hats make you look more attractive as it enhances your appearance—like adding chocolate sprinkles to your ice cream. It’s also a perfect way to hide your hair on a lazy hair day as well.

Looking for a face mask that compliments your accessories?

Our reusable and re-washable face mask with pocket filters are accessory friendly! The Earthy Worthy series and the Stripe Series features shades of beautiful plain colours that are easy to pair with accessories. If you want to kick your style up a notch, we have the Earthy Worthy Ombre series and the Marble series that has attractive colour gradients and patterns!

All of our reusable face masks are made with breathable DriChill® fabric, providing the perfect snug fit with a Cooler Than Cool™ sensation. The fast moisture-wicking technology and antimicrobial properties of DriChill® keeps your face dry and reduces the chance of bacterial growth, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean for longer periods. Grab yours today!

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