What Not to Wear to Yoga Class

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Getting the proper workout gear is a must for yoga enthusiasts. For those who are yearning to try out yoga, there are some things you need to consider before you enter a class to prevent any detrimental or…embarrassing mishaps. The key ingredient is to not wear anything that restricts your movements or causing discomfort when you’re striking those yoga poses.

1) Loose shorts

Does it restrict your movement? Not really. Does it make you paranoid? Definitely. Yoga is supposed to be a stress-reducing exercise that promotes relaxation. Having to worry about whether your body is exposed when you’re doing some yoga poses defeats the entire purpose of relaxation.

Innersejuk’s sportswear are made with DriChill® Technology. Our leggings and skirt pants provide a perfect fit without restricting any movements due to its stretchable DriChill® fabric. Perfect for doing yoga!

2) Loose shirts

Loose shirts are great for some exercises, but not yoga. People wear loose shirts for coverage, but what they did not anticipate was the annoying extra coverage to the face when doing a yoga headstand.

Check out our sports top that gives the perfect amount of space for a more comfortable and snug fit!

3) Avoid thin or holey pants like a plague

It’s worth it to pay extra attention to your clothing. If you notice that your fabric is starting to thin out or have holes in it, it is best to replace it immediately prior to entering a yoga class before any further damages!

DriChill® fabric is durable and tough to tear. Rest easy in our sportswear.

4) Moist-absorbing fabric

Some yoga exercises can be vigorous and make you sweat waterfalls. This type of fabric tends to collect sweat like nobody’s business, making your clothes drenched and it can cause some discomfort or skin irritations.

DriChill® fabric wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping your clothes dry and preventing it from becoming too drenched!

What happens when you combine all the Innersejuk sportswear?

You’ll get the perfect yoga outfit! They are stretchy, durable, wicks away sweat and provide a perfect fit. Keep in mind that the pandemic season is not yet over, so you need to stay safe at all times. Check out our active-friendly breathable DriChill face mask for a safer workout!

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