Unleash Your Inner Ninja! 

The limit does not exist with the Ninja Dazzle 3.0 Series inner

Your scarf’s security is our main objective! Thanks to the inner’s modified texture, it will provide a better grip both for the hair and your favourite scarves so it won’t accidentally slip away, no matter the activity.

For your modesty, the Ninja Dazzle 3.0 Series inner provides maximum coverage with the neck cover and the additional chin cover. But all this coverage does not mean that the inner is an uncomfortable one; it’s the opposite.

Crafted from what we deem to be the best material for Malaysia’s tropical climate, our DriChill® fabric keeps you cool throughout the day. It also wicks away any trapped moisture so you can enjoy being fresh all day long. It also hugs the contours of your facial structure for a seamless fit.

So go ahead and take your Ninja Dazzle 3.0 Series inners to the limit. We assure you, it does not exist. 

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