Tips for a deeper and more satisfying sleep

Sleep is a revitalizing break from reality that everyone needs.

Do you have a monkey brain? No, this isn’t an insult–I was merely referring to the state in which your mind tends to overthink—letting it wander all over the place and jump around like a monkey when you’re trying to sleep that it keeps you wide awake.

Enough sleep is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and if deprived of it, can lead to a lot of health problems. Therefore, if you have trouble sleeping, here are some tips you can incorporate in your routine to help you sleep like a baby drunk on milk:

1) Keep your room temperature cool

A cool room temperature can improve the quality of your sleep. This is because our body temperature drops as night approaches, naturally signalling the body that it’s time to sleep. A cold bedroom helps strengthen that signal which helps trigger your body’s instinct to sleep. According to healthline, the ideal temperature for your bedroom would be 18°C, give or take a few degrees.

2) Stop staring at the clock

Calculating the hours of precious sleep you’ve lost only increases your anxiety level, which stresses the mind and makes it harder to fall asleep.

3) Listen to calm music

Thinking about lifestyle choices or fearing what tomorrow brings tend to keep people awake. Clear your mind by listening to some soothing, relaxing music. By focusing on the tempo, calm music has the power to slow your heart rate, breathing and helps muscles in the body to relax for a more quality sleep.

4) Wear breathable clothes

If sleeping bare is not your thing, wear loose-fitted clothes with breathable fabric. It helps with circulation that allows your skin to breathe better. Loose clothes can help melatonin production, which is a vital hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycles.

5) Clean clothes

Having that annoying itch on your back just when you’re about to fall asleep is a total buzzkill. Make sure that the clothes you’re sleeping in do not have a lot of sweat build up as it will give you an unpleasant experience or worse, skin infections such as acne on your body.

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